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Uma has never seen anything beyond dance through out her life, she has always worked without any expectation – her only aim was to excel in every aspect of dance. She has dedicated her life to preserve this beautiful form on Dance – Bharathanatyam. She is not a person who went behind success – she truly lived for dance. Its true “Success follows true talent” – that’s been the case with Uma also.

She has earned a lot of recognition and appreciation all over the world as a performer as well as a teacher and choreographer. Here are some of the awards she has been honoured with and the appreciation received from various personalities and press.


'Karnataka Kalasri' - Sangitha Nrutya Academy State Award from the Government of Karnataka.

'Nritya Kala Tapasvi'from Sangeetha Balaga Mysore.

'Honorary Rotarian' Rotary Club.

'Queen of Dance Dramas' from R.R.Sabha Trichy.

'Woman of the Year 2001' by the AMERICAN BIOGRAPHICAL INSTITUTE

"Best Teacher in Dance" Coca-Cola company International Festival of Arts. U.S.A.


'I am very happy to note the progress and the success you are achieving , it makes Kalakshetra proud of you' - Hon. R. Venkataraman. Former President of INDIA

Uma is a gifted artist of inborn talents and can rise to any occasion for any difficult role to play even with short notice. She is like Karpuram.[camphor]' - Padma Vibhushana Smt.Rukmini Devi Arundale.

'KALAKSHETRA would like to place ON RECORD the appreciation of the finest work both as a teacher and Performer Uma Rao has made during her 24 years of stay' - Sri. S. Rajaram. PRINCIPAL. College of Fine Arts Kalakshetra, Chennai.

'Uma Akka, you have been remarkable not only as a teacher and performer but also as a friend and advisor too. Your constant help, encouragement and advise is going to be missed by the students' .Kalakshetra’s loss is Singapore's gain' - Student's Association – Kalakshetra, Chennai.

'Uma Rao was exceptionally excellent in her group dance compositions & probably the Best group presentation in the whole Chennai festival. Sri Krishna Gana Sabha takes the credit for bringing such class performers to the scene. Uma Rao bore the perfect stamp of her Guru. Rukminidevi of Kalakshetra.' - Indian & world Arts & crafts. Chennai. [Arts Bonanza in Chennai Delights ]

'The pretty agile & graceful Uma Rao was perfect in postures with graceful movements. In fact Uma's light footed swift and sharp dance artistry was a feature of the entire Dance Drama series of kalakshetra. The casting was right with Uma Rao playing 'YASHODARA' in Budhavatara. The regal dignity and grace of the beautiful princess ‘Damayanti’ was well brought out by Uma rao with her exquisite dancing and Abhinaya. Uma's sensitive face expressed the slightest shades of emotion passing through the mind. Uma's artistry in portraying the role of Usha, in Usha Parinayam was the highlight of the play presented by Kalakshetra. Uma Rao as kaikeyi stole the show by her superb characterization of the role'. - HINDU – CHENNAI

"The Bharatanatyam demonstration / lecture of Ms.Uma Rao was a unique aspect of her success in the performances and the audience were able to follow this divine Indian art in spite of the language gap." - K.R.Sinha, Ambassador for India, Madagascar.

'The Society has redeemed its pledge to be the most noteworthy institution in the field of Indian Fine Arts in Singapore, Thanks to you , your painstaking efforts & adept choreography to the very best, ever witnessed in Singapore.' - I.S.Menon, General Secretary, S.I.F.A.S. Singapore.

"With the ever increasing number of students enlisted in her class Uma Rao is certainly the most popular teacher invited by S.I.F.S. Working on the sets herself, assisting every dancer with makeup during performances, paying meticulous attention to the smallest detail Uma Rao's efforts will go a long way in raising the standard of Dance in Singapore." - The Strait Times. Singapore.

"At the lecture demonstration & performance, Uma Rao's dance was a leap towards joy, a religious ritual and a work of art" - India and World Arts and Crafts, New Delhi.

"Uma Rao is a product of single minded devotion with commensurate hard work and perseverance added to a destined background of artistic sensibility, choice tutelage and rigorous discipline." - PHOENIX. Bangalore.

'Uma rao is perhaps the first south Indian girl to act in a Hollywood film in recent years. As a new comer she has given a remarkable performance that, both the director and producers were ecstatic over her acting talents' - SPORTS & PAST TIMES. Madras.

'Uma Rao is a fine actress of inborn talents, she has a real presence on the screen. It was a pleasure to work with uma & we feel that her efforts will considerably help MAYA to a great success & we are convinced.' -John Berry & Maurice King. Producer & Director. M.G.M. Hollywood. USA.

"Uma's performance as Droupadi and Kirata Stree from the Mahabharata episode in KATHAKALI Dance form was appreciated by one & all .It gives her a place In this art form of Indian dance" - Prof .A.Janardhan. Kalakshetra.Chennai.

"A few lines about group productions. The very Best was Jagadanandakaraka [pancharatna ] as presented by Uma Rao & her disciples from Mysore. No single dancer can humanly illustrate the text-all of it - with any degree of intelligibility. Uma Rao divided it amongst different groups, entering & exiting as per the needs of the moment and succeeded in making every word of the lyric intelligible through captivating dance." - SRUTI. CHENNAI. [December Season at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha ]

"Thank you for conveying the feelings of unity of mind, body,thought & movements executed with such grace & beauty.An experience we shall remember & cherish fondly" -Mr.Jean Collin. American Institute of Indian Studies.