Message to my dear students over the years…… Guru.Smt.Uma Rao


It is with immense personal pleasure & heartfelt blessings that I share this message with all of you. The performing arts no doubt provide entertainment BUT they have a greater & deeper impact on humanity by their civilizing influence.. True art must be an uplifting experience both for the performer & the spectator This can be possible only through total dedication, refinement & devotion of the artiste. Dance is inner contemplation brought out in spiritual interpretation, a sacred communication with the cosmic dancer Nataraja .The artiste transcends his/her art when the dancer becomes the dance. Great art not only raises a mortal to the skies but also brings an angel down. Living a good life is an art in itself & the values cherished in real life is reflected in ones art. Great dancer should mean dancers great in living their lives.

My guru smt. Rukmini Devi Arundale emphasized on traditional concepts, on disciplined teaching, on understanding of our past heritage and above all on the spiritual significance of the dance. It is my earnest wish that my students should grow & expand on the path chalked out by my beloved Guru. Smt. Rukmini Devi in sincerely carrying forward the stamp of Kalakshetra parampara- which is essentially the stamp of good taste, of moderation, of refinement and of aesthetics. "Education without Fear , Art without Vulgarity , Beauty without Cruelty" SMT. RUKMINI DEVI .

My choicest blessings for a bright & prosperous future to each one of you …